I took Jessica and Corey out to Pleasure House Point Natural Area in Virginia Beach to do their engagement session! With heavy overcast, we were a little worried that we'd get rained out. Instead, we watched a patch of rain go past in the distance! The sky was so many shades of dark blue and grey. There was a few, quick bursts of lightning throughout the evening. I had a blast following these two lovebirds through the trails. They got their toes in the sand and walked through the green and gold marsh, just exploring the area!

I loved this shoot, as this couple was truly down for anything! They were so fun and goofy and stayed out with me until the sun set! With no sun in sight, my gloomy evening was lit up by this couple!

We had a blast finding cute places to sit all throughout these marshlands. They weren't afraid to get their feet wet!

I've been aquatinted with Jessica for over five years, yet I hadn't met Corey. Watching them interact was so incredibly sweet to see. He looks at her with such love in his eyes, it's absolutely unmatched! The way that they complement each other is unimaginable, truly. Both of them are totally hilarious and they had me laughing the whole time!

I can't wait to watch this relationship turn to marriage! Congratulations!