Full wedding day

I touched on this already, but I prefer to shoot full 8 hour weddings because I believe the memory of it is more than just the ceremony! You guys put so much time and thought into this day, I want to capture all of it!

To do your album justice!


I will be able to create a timeline for the day that will be curated to fit the exact needs of the bride and groom! I take great care to pay close attention to the small details throughout the big day! The timeline will be proofed and customized for you!

Every wedding is different

First look

A first look is an intimate moment shared between the bride and groom, often away from everybody else! I like to direct the scene from a distance, so it feels like I’m not even there.

Save time for cocktail hour!

second "First" kiss!

A “second” first kiss at the end of the aisle, after you’ve walked back down, includes a lot of your wedding guests in the background!

How special!

Every Detail Matters

I said that the detail shots are my favorite, and that's because they're often overlooked! Flat lay photos, of the small things, like earrings and cuff links require an extra bit of creativity that I love to bring to the table!

Show off the little things