Just a girl and her horse.

OH WAIT! Not anymore!

So excited that I was able to photograph this amazing moment for a BEAUTIFUL couple! On this evening, Rachael brought us out to Seahorse Run, in Suffolk, Virginia, for this quick session! I was so excited to found out that Rachael and Craig are engaged! She is ready to share it with the world! I watch them in awe as they made this shoot SO easy! The weather was very nice outside. The sun was just set, the sky was clear blue and it was warm outside. Rachael and Craig really took it with grace, and Tieler, her horse, was a professional! We shut the barn doors and started clicking away.

The evening was so fun. Rachael and Craig are such funny, laid back people. We really just hung out while posing next to a horse! They both were loving on Tieler, who seemed to be bathing in all of the attention! Craig and I had a moment of admiration looking at Rachael in her blue dress. The beautiful pattern on the back of it capture his attention!

The pastures were full of beautiful horses. Tieler, honestly, might have been the biggest one there! This whole shoot, I was captivated by Tieler. He's a campion horse! Recently, he won first place I was star struck, for sure! The sun sat behind a beautiful home on the property. The barn cats I saw were two grey ones and they hung around while we did our shoot. I learned that Tieler HATES horse flies, understandably so! (See the end of this post to find Tieler's little friend)!

Rachael looked gorgeous in her blue dress! They both looked very nice strutting it in their wedding colors, black, blue and red! The beautiful bride to be made this adorable "Save the Date!" I cannot wait to see them all dressed up on their wedding day in Ohio, so come back for that! (Yes, Tieler will be there)! The part that I really can't wait for is to capture every moment of their special day and come back here and tell the story!

See you in 2023!!!

Save the date, a wedding is coming!

My mom used to work with Miss Rachael. I've known her for around ten years! She got me into horses. Not that I wasn't into them before, more-so, she got me ON a horse! It is such a dream, at the shoot I was telling her how magically they are and she said, "they're magical to me, too, and I ride a lot!"

Tieler is a SPECIAL kind of magical! He was just soaking up the attention from this lovely little lady!